About the “Mutt”

The “Mutt” is our adorable dog and best friend, Lacey, who is a 5 year old Havanese.  She is always by my side and my kitchen  “helper” each day as I make our meals.  She is a source of constant joy and happiness and we definitely consider her a memberIMG_5163 of our family.  When I was trying to come up with a name for my blog and a possible logo, one of my sons recommended using Lacey as the face of the site as she is always in the kitchen with me.  He also came up with the name of the blog, MenuMutt, and it just stuck.  Thank you, Miles, for your creativity and ideas!  It has been fun incorporating our pal, Lacey, in the creation and design of this blog and we got quite a few laughs trying to capture the photos of her with the chef’s hat on!