About Me

As a child growing up, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen with my mom watching and helping her cook.  I loved reading and following recipes and cooking up something delicious for us to eat!  That love of cooking stuck with me throughout my young adult life and as I eventually got married and started my own family.  As a mother of 3 growing boys it has always been important to me to provide my family with healthy, nutritious meals.  This became especially important to me in the fall of 2014 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  As a breast cancer survivor I want to eat as healthy as possible, and serve my family good food that will benefit them later in life with good health.  As we hear more and more about how eating the right foods is really our best medicine, it gives me even more motivation to feed my family well each day.  You would never put the wrong gas in your car, right?  Why would you put the wrong foods in your body?  Come along with me and get on the road to a healthier, more organized, economical way of shopping, cooking, eating and living!