About the Recipes

I love cookbooks, have quite a collection, and often times find myself reading cookbooks as most people would read novels.  I also enjoy finding recipes on many of the wonderful websites and blogs available on the internet.  The majority of my weekly menu dishes come from the delicious recipes I have collected over the years from these books and sites as well as new ones I come across daily from different sources.  At no time will I be trying to convey any of these recipes as my own creation.  I am not claiming to be a master chef or recipe author.   I am simply trying to share my experience with meal planning and my love of cooking with you to hopefully provide my readers with a helpful service of weekly meal plans and grocery lists so after a few clicks on my site you will be all set to shop and serve dinner to your family with ease.  I will always credit each and every recipe back to the author, cookbook and/or site it comes from and when possible post a link back to these sources.IMG_5126

Instead of labeling each recipe for a day of the week, I have listed them numerically.  What works for me to cook on Monday, may be a better meal for you to prepare on Thursday.  You do not have to follow the recipes in the order that they are listed.  Look at your week and plan to cook the meals in the order that it works best for you and your family’s schedule.  You will have all of the ingredients you need from the grocery list so you can make the meals in any order you wish.

I am excited to venture into the big world of blogging and happy to share what will hopefully become a helpful resource with you!

Top image courtesy of biosphere at FreeDigitalPhotos.net